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Mike fC

"I'm a human being named Michele. I don't like to be identified with my job or what they say about me, but with what I feel I am.
I listen to my emotions and I like to give free space to creativity.
I love music, nature and staying with nice people, sharing dreams, projects and laughs. "

Mike fC, also known as Mike from Campo, at the registry office Michele Ferroni, was born in 1989 in Genoa.
Since 2003 he has been working as a songwriter / rapper, composer of songs in Italian, Ligurian (Genoese) and English.
He's sound engineer and manager at
Mad Studio (Genoa) and has been part of Mad Boys Crew since 2009.

"For me music is free creative expression. I started when I was thirteen, like with a game, writing and trying to sing, probably I felt the need to express myself somehow, to find a vent, to have fun in a creative way ... Probably it was a mix of all these things ... and not just those!
When I make music I feel free to say what I want in the way I prefer, in the language I feel I can best share my ideas / emotions. I like to spread on many subjects and from time to time to change style, but always consistently with what I feel and what I am."

Songs are available in MUSIC section of this website or at Mike's YouTube Channel

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